Little House in the Illustration

I welcome any opportunity to illustrate, and was really excited when a client asked me to develop an illustration to be used in a fundraising campaign for the restoration of an 1803 timber cabin.

The main challenge in illustrating the cabin was that my point of reference—the cabin in early 2015— looked like this:


As you can see, it’s a little choppy, a little snowy. It’s a little wrecked.

Poor little cabin.

However, after researching the appearance of finished timber cabins from the very early 19th century (including porch and shingle styles) I developed this illustration:


The simple style suited the client’s requirements exactly and allowed for some flexibility in the appearance of the final restoration. They were really pleased with the final result and have used the illustration in a variety of applications, from letterhead to reports.

It’ll be great to see this little timber cabin in all of its restored glory!



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